April 2004

Know Your Enemies
Enemies rob us of our focus, energy, joy, purpose and destiny. Some people are carrying the enemy with them on a daily basis everywhere that they go. Most of the time the univited enemy is sneaking a ride with an unsuspecting individual but there are also times when the enemy and the carrier develop a symbiotic relationship, feeding off of each other and helping the other one to survive. This enemy occupies a place in the residence of some good folk but the damage that this enemy does is not because of huge amounts of real estate but rather the small infectous virus type of attack that creeps into all areas of ones life.

The enemy that I want you to know about is your collection of mediocre, average, complacent and status quo attitudes. Never underestimate the power of one attitude that is misplaced. Chapmpions are always identifiying those attitudes that could inhibit performance. People who constantly compare their achievements to other people have an ingrained attitude that “If I am doing as well as most I must be doing ok.” The champion thinks, “The best that I have done is not the best that I can do.”

Many people settle for being average because they do not want to stick out in a crowd but, champions never settle for lest than excellence knowing that if they are average they can never win the goal medal.

Attitudes that propel you forward are those attitudes that believe in the greatness lying within you waiting to be released. We live in negative cycles based on our attitudes about the surrounding circumstances. An example may be surrounding money. Knowing that we live in a land of unlimited wealth,champions may experience a season of inssuficient cash flow but they are telling themselves it is only until I create an opportunity to tap into the unlimited resources that surround me.

Change your attitudes toward life and you will change your circumstances!
Guard the attitudes that are propelling you forward because one negative attitude can draw you down faster than 21 good attitudes can push you forward.

People fall down.
Winners get up.
Gold medal winners get up the fastest.
~ Bonnie St. John ~

This quote blew me away this morning. I have been analyzing myself as I move through the stages of grieving when I should be visioning myself on the way to my next victory. I am clear that when we suffer a great loss we must go through the five stages but cherishing them as a prize is destructive to our long term goals.
For those who are curious the five stages of grief are denial, anger, barganing, depression and acceptance. I would like to develop or find the five stages to rebuilding after grief. For every action there is a seperate and equal reaction. I am searching for the balance within the cycle.
I want to focus on how to help gold medal winners recapture their championship fire after a great loss. I want to see champions exceed all of their previous records and goals. I want to see champions constantly re-engineeringing their lives so that they are peak performers in all seasons. We all hit some valleys but we need to be focused on the mountain top.
I am going to work on the five stages of (re) Building the Mountain Top Attitudes of a Champion

Have a wonderful resurrection weekend!!!

Being healthy is a major issue for African American men to address. Our eating habits, lack of exercise and stress all contribute to the exceptionally high death rate in the area of preventable diseases. I am also in need of addressing these issues in my own life. I intellectually know the benefits, the challenges, the obstacles and the possibilities of developing a healthy lifestyle and I can do it for short periods of time. I struggle with eating sweets. I love pastries for German Bakeries and cake from the soul food resturants.

I am going to focus on readjusting my lifestyle and creating a different reality but this will be a struggle. Does anyone else struggle with this or have people resigned to being overwieght? DOes anyone have a system that is rooted in the Christian tradition and effective? I feel lonely and lost on this subject and could use some men and women who mutually agree on moving in a different direction.

So much for today’s reflections

Leaders are goal focused. This is a personal leadership charateristic that is easily transfered to an organization or company. Their behavior is all about reaching personal goals that matter to them. Those with well developed personal leadership skills are extremely analytical of all projects and tasks. They internally ask the question “how does this get me closer to my goal.” Many times they delegate or plain drop tasks that are not beneficial to their intended outcomes.

This is a personal leadership discipline and non leaders view these people as stand offish, aloof, distant and unengaged. The end result is the main factor. At the end of the process who has more happienest, joy and control of their life. Who is closer to their destiny? Who is closer to achieving their purpose in life.

Because this is an aquired discipline it is available to everyone. It is easier to achieve this level of focus when you are associated with others who have the same discipline. Accountability is the key to breaking old cycles. Old behavior must be crushed with the rewards of the new behavior. Start off by having a clear understanding of your values. Then write your mission statement and then develop short term and long term goals that will help you to achieve your mission and fulfill your values.

Vision+ values+ mission = Goals that really matter
When you are pursuing your goals you are demonstrating personal leadership