Leaders are goal focused. This is a personal leadership charateristic that is easily transfered to an organization or company. Their behavior is all about reaching personal goals that matter to them. Those with well developed personal leadership skills are extremely analytical of all projects and tasks. They internally ask the question “how does this get me closer to my goal.” Many times they delegate or plain drop tasks that are not beneficial to their intended outcomes.

This is a personal leadership discipline and non leaders view these people as stand offish, aloof, distant and unengaged. The end result is the main factor. At the end of the process who has more happienest, joy and control of their life. Who is closer to their destiny? Who is closer to achieving their purpose in life.

Because this is an aquired discipline it is available to everyone. It is easier to achieve this level of focus when you are associated with others who have the same discipline. Accountability is the key to breaking old cycles. Old behavior must be crushed with the rewards of the new behavior. Start off by having a clear understanding of your values. Then write your mission statement and then develop short term and long term goals that will help you to achieve your mission and fulfill your values.

Vision+ values+ mission = Goals that really matter
When you are pursuing your goals you are demonstrating personal leadership