Being healthy is a major issue for African American men to address. Our eating habits, lack of exercise and stress all contribute to the exceptionally high death rate in the area of preventable diseases. I am also in need of addressing these issues in my own life. I intellectually know the benefits, the challenges, the obstacles and the possibilities of developing a healthy lifestyle and I can do it for short periods of time. I struggle with eating sweets. I love pastries for German Bakeries and cake from the soul food resturants.

I am going to focus on readjusting my lifestyle and creating a different reality but this will be a struggle. Does anyone else struggle with this or have people resigned to being overwieght? DOes anyone have a system that is rooted in the Christian tradition and effective? I feel lonely and lost on this subject and could use some men and women who mutually agree on moving in a different direction.

So much for today’s reflections