People fall down.
Winners get up.
Gold medal winners get up the fastest.
~ Bonnie St. John ~

This quote blew me away this morning. I have been analyzing myself as I move through the stages of grieving when I should be visioning myself on the way to my next victory. I am clear that when we suffer a great loss we must go through the five stages but cherishing them as a prize is destructive to our long term goals.
For those who are curious the five stages of grief are denial, anger, barganing, depression and acceptance. I would like to develop or find the five stages to rebuilding after grief. For every action there is a seperate and equal reaction. I am searching for the balance within the cycle.
I want to focus on how to help gold medal winners recapture their championship fire after a great loss. I want to see champions exceed all of their previous records and goals. I want to see champions constantly re-engineeringing their lives so that they are peak performers in all seasons. We all hit some valleys but we need to be focused on the mountain top.
I am going to work on the five stages of (re) Building the Mountain Top Attitudes of a Champion

Have a wonderful resurrection weekend!!!