Know Your Enemies
Enemies rob us of our focus, energy, joy, purpose and destiny. Some people are carrying the enemy with them on a daily basis everywhere that they go. Most of the time the univited enemy is sneaking a ride with an unsuspecting individual but there are also times when the enemy and the carrier develop a symbiotic relationship, feeding off of each other and helping the other one to survive. This enemy occupies a place in the residence of some good folk but the damage that this enemy does is not because of huge amounts of real estate but rather the small infectous virus type of attack that creeps into all areas of ones life.

The enemy that I want you to know about is your collection of mediocre, average, complacent and status quo attitudes. Never underestimate the power of one attitude that is misplaced. Chapmpions are always identifiying those attitudes that could inhibit performance. People who constantly compare their achievements to other people have an ingrained attitude that “If I am doing as well as most I must be doing ok.” The champion thinks, “The best that I have done is not the best that I can do.”

Many people settle for being average because they do not want to stick out in a crowd but, champions never settle for lest than excellence knowing that if they are average they can never win the goal medal.

Attitudes that propel you forward are those attitudes that believe in the greatness lying within you waiting to be released. We live in negative cycles based on our attitudes about the surrounding circumstances. An example may be surrounding money. Knowing that we live in a land of unlimited wealth,champions may experience a season of inssuficient cash flow but they are telling themselves it is only until I create an opportunity to tap into the unlimited resources that surround me.

Change your attitudes toward life and you will change your circumstances!
Guard the attitudes that are propelling you forward because one negative attitude can draw you down faster than 21 good attitudes can push you forward.