November 2005

The Great Commission is essential for the Nu Generation Church.

Make disciples

Go beyond the membership to impact people with the message of Jesus Christ. This also suggests that the primary emphasis of the church is to spread the message. This is diametrically opposed to building internal church membership services. I believe many people give the message and even live the message in their everyday lives but I believe that our individual responsibility as a disciple (believer) is to impact people’s lives. This means that we must be intentionally engaged with non believers so that the Good News is experienced as a different life style with eternal benefits. As church leaders we need to equip people to share the Gospel and impact people’s lives.

Teaching means that we teach the fundamentals of the faith. What about our lives is different from before our personal encounter and embracing of Jesus Christ? What does it mean to have a prayer life? Why is solitude an essential Christian Discipline? How do you make the worldview change from secular/carnal to a Christ Centered, Biblically Grounded worldview? This is a time of exploration for the new believer. It is also a time of self discovery. Ideas, concepts, beliefs, disciplines and behaviors are being challenged and changed. Encouragement and nurturing are necessary as these new disciplines are being engrained so that the foundation for Christian living is solid.

Baptism is the process of embracing the new believer into the body of believers. This is a celebration of the new believers’ decision and growth. It is also a celebration for the church of a new brother or sister entering the family.

Finally the process ends with making disciples.

dikaiosyne – Greek for “one who follows,” a term used in scripture for students of a master.

definition – “A disciple is an obedient follower of Jesus Christ who is actively engaged in sharing the Good News and making disciples by teaching obedience to everything Jesus commanded in self, family, congregation, and neighborhood.”

A Nu Generation church demands that the process of making disciples included equipping disciples as a primary core value. Getting busy in disciple making ministries is a celebrated and primary value.

Churches that embrace small groups must address three areas

  1. Laity must give the day to day operations over to staff.
  2. Ministers and staff must spend a majority of their time equipping laity to give care and nurture.
  3. There must be a communication infrastructure to support the web of care and nurture.

A Nu Generation Church is a church that has two guiding principles. The Great Commission and the Great Commandment. This not at the exclusion of the rest of the scriptures but these scriptures serve to shape the core values and to influence the direction of the church.

Loving God with all of our heart, mind and soul requires a discipleship process that addresses the whole person. The six areas of life, education, health, career, family, finances, and emotional health. The discipleship process must enlighten a person to understand how their new responsibility is to be a steward of what God has given them. This is different from the current orientation that suggests a new member’s responsibility to take care of the church.

Loving your neighbor as yourself must be about learning to have a healthy self image as God has created us. Sharing this self love becomes easy when your initial self concept is healthy. Sharing our blessing with others as we have been blessed is counter cultural. The process of learning to love others means that our self concept can not be developed around our material possessions. Redirecting our world view is challenging because so many factors re-enforce the “material wealth is everything syndrome”. Sad to say even some churches and pastors.