Is there Hope!

How is the church to be an oasis of hope in a world of such hopelessness? There is war in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Israel, Genocide in Rwanda, Dafar and in the Sudan. Worldwide hunger, poverty and HIV/Aids are rising rather than declining. The abuse of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia and global warming seem to be overwhelming to the people who congregate weekly and believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior.

Churches seem to caught up in the latest worship and the hot new slogans but rarely in engaging the real world.  People all around us are trying to cope with the lack of adequate healthcare, rising old prices, violence in our streets and the church seems to be hiding their heads like turtles in their shell.  What can the church do to turn this travesty around?

Churches must begin to equip their people to live lives of significance.  When the people of the church begin to realize that they are important to the ecology of hope vs hopelessness then the balance will change.

sig·nif·i·cance  n. – The quality of being important  

If every church adopted on social issue to tackle that was important to their community most communities would improve the quality of life for their community with a mighty impact. Drug dealers would be scared out of business, domestic violence would cease, obesity would get a run for its money.  

As long as churches are content to worship and are not willing to engage the community we will continue to experience the decline in mainline churches and the pimping of men and women intoxicated with the prosperity gospel.

There is hope – Search for your personal significance.

Creating an Oasis of Hope

Pastor William T Chaney Jr
Making Disciples to Impact the World