It is About Time!

Today the Marriott International Inc. announced the nations largest hotel chain announced that they will ban smoking in all of its 400,000 rooms in the USA and Canada. My question is what took them so long.  It is no secret that second hand smoke is just as harmful as lighting up.  

Watson, Kristen – Prevention; Jun2006, Vol. 58 Issue 6, p40-40, 1/4p

The article reports that exposure to secondhand smoke raises the risk of breast-cancer in premenopausal women by 70%. In confined spaces, smoke is concentrated, increasing toxins inhaled by 10 times. California has placed tobacco smoke on its list on environmental hazards with the same ranking as automobile and industrial pollution.

It amazes me that people have been so intoxicated with marketing rather than facts. The research is available and education is liberating. Smoking cessation classes are sponsored by most county health departments at a reasonable cost or free. I would like to appeal to people’s common sense; there are toxins in cigarettes that are used in rat poisoning.  So why are you still smoking?

If you do not value your own life value the lives of the people around you.

It is about time!

Reflecting on the Obvious

William T Chaney Jr