Worship is about individuals experiencing God while gathered as a group. Most people have been trained and conditioned to experience God through a group of sacred rituals that have become community traditions that are directly related to their culture. When rituals, culture, and traditions become more important to the community rather than experiencing the presence, power and protection of the Lord we find churches that are unresponsive to the ever changing needs of the community around them.

Corporate worship has four basic elements.  Prayer, group singing, scripture reading and the sermon are the essentials of worship.  I believe every sermon demands a response but other than it does not matter where the flowers are placed, the style of music, whether the pastor has on a robe or not or if the worship leaders do everything just right.

God is looking for true worshippers not true traditionalist.

Advocate for True Worship (ATW)

Rev William T Chaney Jr
Senior Servant Leader
West Baltimore UMC