Faith is one of the most underutilized spiritual tools that believers have available to them. Trusting in God beyond what is rational and beyond what is comfortable is not popular. In fact most people try developing their own solutions before trusting God. Instead of being the first choice God becomes their last resort.

Changing the behavior comes from changing the values. IF we truly value God as the source of our strength, our Creator and the all powerful One who loves us, then our attitude toward trusting God changes. One way to change the attitude is to change the resources that we depend on.

I was a Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy junkie for years and then I met Les Brown, The Motivator. I feasted off of their motivational, sales, and self empowerment messages almost daily. I actually sought their advice and compared it to what Oprah would say. I was challenged to start reading my Bible in equal proportion to my motivational material consumption.

This is where the change took place. The more that I learned about God, the people of the Bible, how Jesus lived among sinners and was compassionate to the needy, the more I saw the error of the self improvement gospel. The self improvement gospel eliminates Gods principals from the equation of “living well”.

Should people be emotionally balanced, yes. Should people have goals, yes. Should people have a purpose, yes. I just believe that all of this must come from trusting in God not in ourselves. For without faith it is impossible to please God – not self motivation.

Wondering About Faith

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