34 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. 35 Cry out, “Save us, O God our Savior; gather us and deliver us from the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name, that we may glory in your praise.” 36 Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting
I Chronicles 16:34-36

Giving thanks to the Lord in good times is easy. Giving thanks in the bad times is really hard. Developing a hear of gratitude for the many acts that God has done in our live can not be limited to circumstances but must be a conscience reflection of God’s continual blessings large and small.

Giving thanks for the activity of our bodies can not be limited to only the times when we are not in pain. Giving thanks for our significant relationships can not be limited to only the times that you are agreeing on everything. Giving thanks must be more than a response for receiving an extraordinary blessing but it must be a way of life.

Being grateful to God in all things teaches us to be thankful to the people around us for all things. Thanking a co-worker for a smile or thanking your boss for their encouragement can change the entire atmosphere in your workplace. Thanking a waitress for their good service and sharing a double tip to express your gratitude will win you unbelievable service on your next visit.

During your quiet time today make a list of all of the blessings that you would like to thank God for on one side of the paper. On the other side reflect on the people who have blessed you over the last week and send them an email, a card or give them a call to encourage them. Let me know about the responses people give you.

Giving Thanks

William T Chaney Jr
Senior Servant Leader
West Baltimore UMC