Who is being left behind?

I wonder when the joke is going to end. The rhetoric about no child left behind is running in tandem to building more jails for profit. Instead of rewarding teachers for using new and innovative ways to impart knowledge into young minds brilliant young teachers are placed in a box that drains creativity, eliminates individuality, pays them barely above minimum wage and crushes their spirits. Teaching to the test is ineffective. Assuming that everyone has the same learning style is stupid. Creating a mandate and not providing the funds to implement the mandate is like fighting a war with no objectives to win or invading a country with exit strategy.

According to a release from NEA:
Bush’s current budget proposal does away with 42 education programs. These include career and technical education, school counseling, Safe and Drug-Free Schools, education technology grants and dropout prevention. Also on the chopping block are GEAR-UP, TRIO Talent Search, and Upward Bound, programs that have helped generations of disadvantaged students prepare for and attend college.The President’s proposal shortchanges No Child Left Behind by $15 billion, putting more pressure on schools already struggling to meet the one-size-fits-all requirements of the law. The budget proposal also drains $36 billion from Medicare over the next five years and at least $13.8 billion in cuts to Medicaid. Millions of Americans rely on these programs to pay for their basic health care needs – particularly America ‘s elders, low-income and working families and their children, and individuals with disabilities.

Wondering When the Joke will End

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