Great is our LORD, and mighty in power; HIS understanding is infinite.
Psalm 147:5

Watching the news I understand that the difficulties of life that I experience are insignificant to the challenges some other people have. A mother lost her child in a drive by shooting in DC. People in North Carolina and Virginia are experiencing the fury of hurricane Ernesto. Victims of hurricane Katrina are still trying to rebuild their lives and the list goes on and on. Even though I see other people facing the challenge I do not find hope in their sorrow.

I find hope in knowing that the Lord our God is great and mighty in power. I can face my situations with God because I know that there is know barrier that I will face that He can not handle. I can handle the temporary discomfort knowing that He will be there with me through the challenges. Knowing that I will make it through with God comforts me in a way that no human council can comfort me. I do not have to rejoice in the sorrow, challenges or suffering of others to experience how wonderful God is. He not only knows what we are going through but he also understands.

I often have to explain different emotions to my daughter as she is navigating the inquisitive stage of life. It is often a challenge to explain emotions like exhilarating, exacerbated and exuberated. For a four year to attempt to comprehend the sadness of losing a relative, understand the adventure of mountain climbing and share the anticipation of the first weekend of college football can be a daunting task. What ever the range of your emotions to a given event in life God understands. To understand me and be with me through the turbulence of life is an awesome gift from God. This is why in the middle of the madness I can still have hope.

Living in Hope

Rev. William T Chaney Jr
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