Today went to  Starbucks and engaged in one of my favorite past times, listening. I  heard at least three different conversations about Meridith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy .  I heard conversations about the Washington Redskins and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I also heard way more than I wanted to about political jousting between the Democrats and Republicans over the Rep. Mark Foley and House Speaker Dennis Hastert  .  I heard people sharing their adoration for the people on the teams, on the TV and even the courage of the House Speaker. These are great people no doubt but I heard no one comment about how God had impacted their life.

Ephesians 5:19 teaches us that as believers we should be speaking to each other about the goodness of God through song.  I would have been overwhelmed if I could have heard a comment about the Lord. 

My hope is that as believers we realize that Meridith Grey and Greys Anatomy is a great show but their lives are fiction.  Jesus is our Savior in the real world, walking with us through the good and the challenging things of life.  The Steelers and the Redskins are great teams but we have the priveledge of serving on the greatest team of disciples for Jesus Christ.  Our team is designed and commissioned to share with people the keys to transforming their life and living with purpose.  Political leaders are not perfect and God is neither Democrat or Republican.  The same way we have been forgiven of our sins God can forgive us of our mistakes.  Our adoration and worship need to be focused on God and then our conversation will include how we see God moving through the every day events of life.

Advocate for True Worship (ATW)

Pastor William T Chaney