Can religion improve health? While the debate rages in journals and medical schools, more patients ask for doctors’ prayers 

This is an old article but a relevant topic.  Doctors are beginning to discuss the connections between spirituality and health as an essential element of patient care. The scientific evidence is still vague but people of faith have always known that their health is significantly impacted by their beliefs.  

Christians especially have evidence that Jesus was a healer and concerned with the health of those who followed him.  Jesus was concerned with mental health when he healed the man processed with a legion of demons.  He was concerned with women’s health and men’s health.  Each act of healing was an act of compassion so that people could see God’s work being done here on earth.   

In the 21st Century I believe pastors need to pay more attention to the health and wellness of the congregants.  I am all in favor of praying for people when they are seek and asking God to provide healing. God is also with us before we get sick.  If we are honoring the temple (our bodies) where God lives then we also want to be as healthy as possible on this Christian journey so that we can fulfill the purpose that God created us for.  

There needs to be open and honest discussion from the pulpit about the effects of smoking and second hand smoke. Obesity needs to be claimed as the sin of gluttony.  More pastors need to discuss with their men the need to get a prostate exam every year after they turn 40. Encouraging prayer is one way of handling emotional trauma and stress but a good counselor or therapist who is a believer and embraces Christ can also aid a person into emotional well being. 

God can work trough the healing process supernaturally and through the physician or therapist.  

Embracing Faith and WellnessBelieving in Faith and Healing 

Pastor William T Chaney Jr