While I was in seminary I had the opportunity to share a meal with Bishop Cornelius Henderson.  During that meal a student asked him about how to be effective as a new pastor.

He responded, “3 calls a day, 3 cards a day and 3 phone calls a day.” 3 calls to members to let them know that you are praying for them. Three cards to let people know that you are sharing with them during important events in their lives and 3 visits with members to catch up on their life events and pray with them.

I still believe that this simple formula will enhance your effectiveness as a pastor.  I also believe that we need to be challenged as 21st Century pastors to engage the tools at our disposal so that we can be more effective and good stewards of our time.

Effective Pastoral Ministry for the 21st Century

3 blogs a week and invite 3 unchurched people each day to view your blog.

3 text messages to members with a scriptural word of encouragement

3 ecards to members connecting you to the significant transitions in their lives

3 evites a week to have coffee, discipleship and prayer with leaders and potential leaders in the congregation

3evites a week to have a member join you for a prayer walk in the community where you serve and prayer

3 phone calls a day where you are not driving and not at the computer

Seeking to Serve, Learning to Lead

William T Chaney Jr

Making Disciples to Impact the World