10 “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.Luke 16:10

We live in a world that emphasizes, bigger is better, faster is better, the more you have the more successful you are etc…..  The thought of starting small and growing an organization is diametrically opposed to the popular philosophies that encourage a sense of entitlement to everyone. Everyone came into this world with nothing and will leave this world with nothing. The real question is what you will do with what you gain during your life.  Will you share all that you have or will you are self centered and horde all that you gain?   Yes this is a daily life issue for Christians but it is also a leadership challenge to those who are leading a ministry, mission, choir, and committee or ministry team. This scripture speaks to the integrity of a leader which is the most essential quality in Christian leadership. It is more essential than the place in the ecclesiastical hierarchy, the position title, visioning capabilities, charisma or communication skills.    Results are the product of leadership and as I have coached pastors many times in new church start settings, I have been able to observe and learn that results do not come on our project timetables, They come in God’s time.  

The choir may not have more spirituality after one workshop. Don’t get discouraged, do not give up, be faithful.  The leaders may not catch the vision after 9 months of teaching and preaching.  Do not get discouraged, do not give up, be faithful.  The trustees may not have a solution for every problem. Do not get discouraged, do not give up, be faithful. People may not respond to your message the way that you think they should and in fact they criticize your every statement for grammar to the point they miss the blessing.  Do not get discouraged, do not give up, be faithful. Being patient and waiting on God for the fruit of your labor may not be easy but it is essential if you are going to reap a harvest of blessing. Don’t Give Up –  Be Faithful