The Intentional Success Book Club

A Personal and Professional Development System

The Benefits

As a member of the Intentional Success Book Club you’ll enjoy these membership benefits:

A comprehensive selection of books and other supporting merchandise (i.e. CD’s, DVD’s, journals, etc.) all carefully chosen to enhance your personal and professional development and success.

Save up to 33% off retail price on every book.

Receive FREE accountability coaching reminders to help you stay on track to achieve your goals.

Receive FREE access to the Intentional Success Blog full of inspiring messages of support, valuable suggestions for easy application, and great resources for further growth.

Receive a FREE 30 Day Power Focus Success System (Download immediately upon registering.)

Receive a FREE report on 150 Quick & Easy Tools & Tips for Life Balance. (When paid in full.)

Discounts on future events and special offers.

Special Note to Employers

Companies are only as good as their people. Leaders know this and often scramble around looking for training opportunities to get and keep their people sharp, energized, and empowered. The challenge with many programs is there is little or no follow-up or accountability built in so people struggle with how to apply what they have learned and breaking old habits.

The Intentional Success Book Club was designed to address this matter. Its consistent and involved structure is ideal to build relationships, boost confidence, competence and overall productivity. It’s consistent yet offers flexibility and convenience. It’s condensed and practical to fit any schedule. It’s relevant as these are core competencies clearly needed for success in any arena. It can be a stand alone tool or a great reinforcement for other training efforts. The introductory pricing makes it affordable to reach everyone. What a smart way to invest in your people. Here are some additional options:

Customized in-person training can be provided as desired using the books as the base.

Personalized messages via bookmarks, posters or other reinforcing instruments.

Group pricing incentives for enrollment, teleconferences, and other products.

2007 Kick Off!

This program is a great way to kick off 2007 with a bang. It can also be used to enhance an employee recognition program, in-service training or other pre-established company program.

Get 10 months of empowerment for the introductory price of only $99 per person!!

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