Tony Dungy Super Bowl Breakfast 2006 Part 2

Powerful Testimony. Coach Dungy shares the gospel and invites others to Christ right of his life experiences. The power of the Gospel often is found in the life stories of our congregation.  By focusing on the preaching moment as “the preachers time” do we miss opportunities to have a greater impact on the unchurched  and unsaved by not inviting the members of our congregations to give their testimony.

Many people in mainline denominations will not share their experience with Christ.  Is this  because as pastors we have not placed a high value on hearing their stories? Or are people taught to embrace “the church” and not taught how to fully embrace a personal relationship with Christ?  How does the Biblical story become their story?

There are men and women in our congregations who can lead people into a relationship with Jesus Christ that we can never reach. They must be nurtured, encouraged and given safe places to share. Lets get busy!