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Question Series: Time Stewardship


Question 2 – Time Commitment


We are discussing a series of questions relating to the topic of Time Stewardship.   How we spend our time can be the difference between a great leader and a good one.  Here is the second question in this series:


I think a lot of guilt is brought onto those in ministry with thoughts of, “Am I working enough?”   According to you, what are some reasonable expectations for hours worked per week for someone in ministry?


If you are in ministry your work is never done.  Learning to pace yourself is essential. It is hard for me to give a specific number of hours because I attempt to live my whole life as one dedicated to ministry.  I take time out to do personal things and still find myself doing ministry even if it is not directly related to the congregation that I serve.  There are weeks that I have spent 60 hours in calls, writing, studying, meetings, and pastoral care.  I have also had weeks where my body demanded that I rest and i put in 30 hours but did not feel guilty due to the previous weeks.  Balance and listening to your body is essential.  I will also take one Friday morning per month to hang out with my daughter in her class. My presence is ministry to her and others in the school.  (Does this count?)


The reasonable expectation is that a pastor will prioritize their life and work as unto the Lord everyday.


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