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Question Series: Time Stewardship


Question 1


We are discussing a series of questions relating to the topic of Time Stewardship.   How we spend our time can be the difference between a great Christian leader and a good one.  Here is the first question in this series:


The role of a pastor is said to be a 24 hour job.  What are some practical steps you take as someone in ministry to guard your time with family and other priorities?


I begin each week planning on date night with my wife and play time for my daughter.  I schedule my devotional time when everyone is asleep early in the morning or late at night.  When we are in the van together I will not talk on the cell phone but if I am commuuting alone I use this time to catch up with church members who missed worship or arrange discipleship meetings with the leadership.  Friday is my day off with few exceptions.  I attempt not to watch news or weather on the television but I will read the front page of 3-4 newspapers online each morning. 


What can I do better?  Intentionally plan more time for exercise and involve more laity in pastoral visits to the congregation.


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