Emergent church is no more about candles and couches than traditional church is about hymns and pews. These things are not what makes church. It is the people, the stories, the sacred space, the traditions, the community that make church. It is God’s presence and our response to God in worship, in study and in caring for God’s people and creation. There is more than one way to authentically do all of these things in glory to God. There are many forms that church may take.

Powerful Article by Molly Carlson.  The war of words is interesting because I see my role as a connector.  Connecting our ancient traditions to be relevant in a technological, multitasking non Christ centered culture.  My unique excellence is to share the salvation of the Lord with people who have no connection to church.  I believe we are all on the same team wheter we are contemporary, emergent, mainline, evangelical, litergical, creative or traditional.

Just a quick thought