Great Women of Faith in my Life

I was challenged to name 5 great women of faith. I named 7 because I could not narrow it down to just five. This is not the exhaustive list of all the great women of faith that I know but these are a few who have provided Godly wisdom and enriched my life.

Michelle Holmes Chaney – Yes my wife is first as a prayer warrior, study partner, ministry partner and my best friend.

Mildred T Chaney – My mother has been faithful over the years praying for her family, insisting that we take time for personal prayer and Bible study and dragging ( I mean) encouraging us to go to church when we were young even if we did not feel like it.

Jeanette Thomas – Grandmother laid the foundation as a devote woman of God. The meaning of keeping the Sabbath Holy had a whole new meaning in her presence. I even remember getting my mouth wash out with soup because of something I said.

Claire Holly – When I first got to First Christian Church of Decatur Claire offered me what I now know to be her seat. She offered to pray for me and continued praying with me during my time at FCCD. Her openness and scriptural encouragements made a significant and profound impact on my life.


Verna Venning– Mrs. Venning is the shining example of a church mother.  My first Sunday at St Paul Lithonia I met Mrs. Venning and she guided me through the process of understanding the church.  She gave me advice about the choirs and encouraged me in my studies.  Mrs. Venning prayed with me as we began The Rock.  She brought several families and often attended our Saturday Evening gatherings.

Theresa Fry BrownDr T taught me about the ministry. The responsibilities, the authority and the essence of being a servant leader. She modeled it in her ministry in church and at Candler then held me (and others) to the same high standards. (I know that this is about great women but Mr. Frank Brown completed the dynamic duo.)

Cynthia L. HaleAt Ray of Hope under Dr. Hale’s guidance I grew up in my faith. I actually developed the disciplines of a disciple and the administrative gifts that I have now. She taught me the value of spiritual formation as an essential element of church growth. She also modeled being a disciple in her commitment to the ministry.