I am currently in 5 Ministerial Associations. They all serve a specific purpose

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  • Leadership Development
  • Community Social Activism
  • Pastoral Care
  • Lectionary Bible Study

          These are all important but extremely time consuming. Over the past few weeks I have been able to evaluate my participation in several projects and the first one to get the ax will be a few ministerial associations. This is the process that I am using to determine the 2 that I will stay with.

          What does it have to do with my ministry mission?

          My personal ministry mission is to be a disciple and make disciples for Jesus Christ. Spiritual growth and maturity is not optional for a disciple so I am constantly looking for spiritual formation opportunities that strengthen me, my ministry and the community around me as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The two groups that I choose will impact my ministry mission.

          How does the alliance impact my ministry assignment?

          My ministry assignment is lead West Baltimore UMC through the process of ministry revitalization. How do we implement 21st Century Ministry DNA in a congregation with a rich history of great worship, preaching and ministry yet has experienced decline for several years in a changing neighborhood with increased expenses and decreasing resources.

          Can I invite an apprentice?

          Developing a team ministry means there should always be an apprentice with you at the table. Some of the groups are exclusive due to the sensitive nature of the discussions. Although there is benefit in the pastoral care small group it excludes the possibility of an apprentice.

          Does it match my ministry values? Can this be embraced in my congregation?

          One of my ministry values is touching the place where people are hurting. Direct services outreach is far more effective than indirect service. We can not build relationships with people and invite them to our church (and claim to be welcoming) if we are not willing to enter into their world to provide God’s grace, love and compassion. I can talk about how much I love someone but until I get up close and personal that is all it is…..talk.

          I know that some of you all are attempting to figure out which two I am going to remain with. I will give you one more clue………I am not going to preach the lectionary for about 3 months.