D.E.S.I.G.N.’ed to worship God

Posted by worship.com

We say often around here that worship is a way of life and is meant to be so much more than a style of music or church service.  Hawaii’s New Hope Church, pastored by Wayne Cordeiro, has developed an acrostic designed to reinforce this concept to their people.  From their blog:

Biblically, worship does encompass singing, music, clapping, dancing…and many beautiful art forms. But we will miss the complete meaning of worship if we stop there. Can worship God through what we do? Does God give us passions and desires mixed with our abilities, gifts, personalities and experiences to live our DESIGN as worship unto Him? We are designed by God to worship Him through our lives, actions and service.

DESIGN is an acrostic which stands for:

D – Desire or Passions
E – Experiences
S – Spiritual Gifts
I – Individual Styles (Personalities)
G – Growth
N – Natural Abilities