I met Rev. Rachel Frey while I was a Bethany Fellow. I was seriously addicted tocoffee-cup-and-sun.gif Starbuck’s Grande Mocha and she challenged me to rethink my position on corporate coffee and the purpose of a coffee house to call your own. “Frasier” Farewell, Nervosa comes to mind as I reminisce.

I returned to Atlanta and began my search for the perfect coffee house. Great atmosphere, great coffee, the owner is local and free wi-fi. I never found a shop that met these requirements. Since I have moved to Maryland I have been in search of the place that I would call “my coffee shop”

It took 18 long months but I have found Loco Jonny’s . This is now “my coffee shop”. 177 Thomas Johnson Drive. Their specialty coffees are the best. It is close to the highway and definitely worth the stop.