On Saturday I attended along with a ministry task force from West Baltimore UMC the Mid Atlantic Worship Expo at Covenant Baptist Church in Ellicott City, Maryland. We attended three workshops that were facilitated by Jason Moore and Len Wilson of Midnight Oil Productions.

Take Away Points

  • Teaching and Preaching with Metaphors is Powerful
    • Easy to remember
    • Easy to understand
  • Metaphors must come from the culture that we live in for people to understand and must be redeemed through the Biblical text
  • Metaphor is the exclusive teaching tool that Jesus used with the masses
  • The Message should drive creativity and technology
  • Design Teams are essential – Design team does not equal worship committee.

Their book Design Matters is going to be our reading resource as we redesign worship. We are at the beginning of the redesign/revitalization process. The workshop was not overwhelming for us in fact one of the take home quotes from another participant supports where we are today. “Teaching with metaphors does not require technology. Technology can enhance the message but should not be the message. Redeeming the culture with scripture is your job regardless of your access to technology.”