Making Disciples through  Personal Life Transformation

Disciple making is also about personal holiness.  Being challenged on your individual behavior as it relates to spiritual growth is not the emphasis that I am hearing in mainline denominations.  I am hearing questions like: 

  • How many people have joined your church?
  • How many people have visited your church?
  • Are you running a balanced budget

I am hungering for someone to ask me, 

  • How much time did you spend praying for the members of your congregation?
  • Which members did you encourage in their faith this week?
  • Is there a member that you sat down and comforted this week?
  • How have you shared the grace of God with someone this week?

 Being a disciple and making disciples requires personal accountability. A double minded person can not be effective. Should I be accountable to church growth or spiritual growth?

 Do not stress because both are necessary.  Achieving a balance is difficult unless the goal of ministry and making disciples is to build the kingdom of God.  The kingdom of God is first and church growth follows.  TO be a spiritual change agent requires that you are constantly being immersed in the Word and transformed by renewing of your mind.

 These are the questions that I am asking myself 

  • How do you see God moving in the text?
  • How does the message of God in the text impact your life?
  • How does this text connect, critique or challenge modern culture?
  • How can the text have meaning for your congregants?
  • How does the text impact the ministry and mission of the church?

 Is an hour to much to spend in prayer and meditation?  Personally I find it just scratches the surface.  It is essential for men and women engaged in making disciples to find the balance.