I was at our Annual Conference of United Methodists this past week and we heard from a church planting pastor from Hot Metal Bridge Community Church. This church in Pittsburg is engaing the culture through drama, community, and “Bible fight clubs.” (Concept is from the movie “Fight Club”) Bible Fight clubs are more confrontational than your typical Bible study. There were a few things I resonated with.  – Matt Poole
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How to establish and maintain Koinonia was the central portion of Pastor Jim’s message.  Building community is not new to the church.  We do a half decent job of having teas, cookouts and sharing meals within our realm of church friends and family. Koinonia speaks to spiritual transparency, sharing and mutual compassion.  Be ing able to share the desires of our heart, spiritual vunerabilities, embrace another person’s pain or celebrate a victory in their life is not the North American Church paradigm that most churches embrace.   Hot Metal Bridge is a unique faith community that is faithful to the basics of our faith in a radical way. Read the entire article because another thing that Pastor Jim said is that we do not make disciples, the Holy Spirit makes disciples as people learn to be faithful to God.  This challenges the core of our mission statement. “To be and Make Disciples for Jesus Christ”