President Bush Discusses Comprehensive Immigration Reform

“I view this as an historic opportunity for Congress to act, for Congress to replace a system that is not working with one that we believe will work a lot better. In other words, this is a moment for people who have been elected to come together, focus on a problem, and show the American people that we can work together to fix the problem.”

President George W. Bush
June 26, 2007



I am still waiting to see how the elected officials are working together. If I were to have a person come into my office and acknowledge that they were a murderer, rapist or burglar I would be obligated to assist this person to turn themselves or call the police so that I am not “breaking the law.” But if a migrant worker enters the country without the proper documentation then I should welcome them and allow them all of the privileges of citizenship without any penalty?????? Something is wrong with this picture.