Should Worship Be a Core Value?

Posted by Jonathan Dodson

As a pastor and church planter, I frequently come across church “core values.” These core values are supposed to comprise the identity and vision of a church. Many churches include “worship” as a core value. Should worship be a core value? In referring to worship, we often mean Christian gatherings to praise and exalt God with songs and instruments. But what of the non-Christians who worship? Isn’t worship a core value for them too?

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Absolutely, worship should be a core value for any community of faith. The corporate and the personal worship should be emphasized because we were created to worship God. (Rick Warren) God is our audience for worship and value should be “I honor God with my life as an act of worship.” Worship is not an event but a life style that grows out of our understanding of our relationship to God. Our dependency on his grace and the acceptance of God’s love.

I would love to hear other people’s opinions about worship as a core value.