Worship is not a Performance

I am venting for a couple of minutes. I was asked to lead worship for a conference and for 20 minutes the organizers talked about the worship performance. I raised my concerns and now I am no longer their choice for worship leader. Sour grapes…..possibly but my principle remains the same. Worship is not a performance.

As a musician I know that it is important to rehearse for excellence, balance the instruments and vocals, work on the dynamics and agree on how to express the music. These are all components of music that I picked up as I played for secular groups. As a worship leader I may use these tools to offer God my best music offering but since God is my audience and my purpose is to lead people into the presence of God Almighty I lead as a servant not a performer. The quality is not the main concern. The main concern is my heart relationship to God.

I don’t really think that style matters. You could be in a blended worship, extreme worship, multimedia, jazz worship bluegrass or traditional worship service, the responsibility is still the same. To provide an atmosphere in which people bring their everyday, busy, confusing, frustrating lives and leave the cares and concerns at the altar trusting God through faith to speak to them in the midst of their lives. Music is to lead other people into the presence of God not to show off our gifts and talents. Showmanship, crowd manipulation and spiritual cheerleading must not be a part of the equation.

Worship is a lifestyle of sacrifice not an event. Musicians and worship leaders drop the performance mentality.

Now we can all return to blogging as usual.