Suppose you have a leadership position in your organization. Further suppose that the division you lead is using antiquated technology from the 1960s. And finally, suppose that you have been leading this division for 5 years and have repeatedly failed to upgrade the technology. Your failures are contributing to major problems that affect millions. And now is the time for you to leave your post.


My reflection has nothing to do with Barry’s article.  I am looking at the number of mainline denominational churches where the pastor has been resistant to technology and has nurtured this value in the church.  As a result the rest of the world has moved on and left many churches ATDD -Acquired Technology Deficit Disorder.

The finance committee is in shock, the administrative staff is bewildered and the church council does not know how this happened.  The Personnel committee worries about who will train everyone and the youth want to know “How will this new interest in technology benefit us.”

The question everyone is asking, “Where do we start?”

I would like to hear from you before sharing my insights about where to start in building a synchronized technology infrastructure that will support the mission and vision of your faith community.