Today marks a significant anniversary in my blogging journey. After observing the blogging trends, following the leadership of Rev. Jay Voorhees and Rev. Theresa Coleman I began blogging on WordPress one year ago. I had dibbled and dabbled with Blogger previously and began to see the possibilities of reaching out in ministry through the blog.

I am humbled and amazed that over 14,000 people have logged on to read my ramblings and reflections. I have grown with the comments and challenges of the few who are brave enough to leave a comment. The articles that I thought were profound were never read and others that were random thoughts have been popular beyond belief.

I will be blogging with purpose for the next year. To communicate about our new worship service The Grace Cafe and to share our community evangelism events. I will also be writing about church redevelopment and reviewing several of the books that I am reading. I welcome your input and pray that this blog has been a blessing to you.

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Once again thank you for reading

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