Top Five Reasons Dropouts Identify as Major Factors For Leaving School

  Classes were not interesting                                                47%

 Missed too many days and could not catch up                    43%

 Spent time with people who were not interested in school               42%

 Had too much freedom and not enough rules in my life                    38%

 Was failing in school                         35%

The Silent Epidemic: Perspectives of High School Dropouts


Urban Ministry comes with some unique challenges.  Many of the systemic urban challenges include multiple areas of disparities that cripple and debilitate the community.  Drug addiction, lack of access to healthcare, economic, job, income and education disparities all impact most urban areas.  I believe education disparities are the biggest challenge that urban ministries can tackle and win with collaboration between the school systems and other churches.

The number of suburban churches who have retired professionals, entrepreneurs with flexible schedules and families who can embrace and model the value of education is simply incredible.  If these churches with their vast resources actually saw the benefit of strengthening the educational infrastructure for society as a whole, we could see a reversal in the drop out trends within a decade.

Urban churches have the facilities and the networks inside the community to develop effective programs.  The question has been asked why should churches and ministries get involved?  Because we not only teach character and moral values but we also live the values that we want our young people to have.  This is the best opportunity to disciple youth where there are that I know of in an urban context.

To be a 21st Century missional, emergent, disciple focused ministry  challenges us to see opportunities to reach people for Christ outside of our own cultural context.  It also demands partnering with other ministries who have spiritual, cultural, financial and community engagement strengths that will compliment our ministry.