December 2007


Making it Easier for People to Tithe
Tim Stevens
Leading Smart

If your church isn’t currently offering online giving as an option, I would encourage you to do so. I just received a report from Dave Moore, our finance director, which shows the percentage of money coming in through online giving is increasingly sharply. Consider this:

In the past two years…

  • Our physical giving (cash or check in person) has increased 15%.
  • However, our online giving has increased 903%.
  • That has resulted in our overall giving increasing by 30%.
  • Two years ago, money given online amounted to 2% of total donations.
  • This year it had increased to 13% of total donations, and continues to rise each month.

One advantage to online giving is making it easy for your members to set up a regular giving cycle so they can stay consistent. Many people want to tithe–they just need a tool to help them do that.

I am curious about the congregational demographics but this is beginning to look like a trend that is here to stay.

This Friday, December 7, 2007 the congregations of the Baltimore-Washington Conference will commit to Hope for the City, a movement to bring God’s shalom to Baltimore. Baltimore has experienced a significant rise in violence and the number of murders. Baltimore is the birthplace of our denomination and our witness and action is critical.

We will gather at 11 AM at John Wesley United Methodist Church for worship and a press conference. We will present a five point action to address the rise in violence and provide support for the families that are victims of murders. We will also highlight a larger plan for the city of Baltimore. I need for our pastors and laity to support this effort. Our presence will communicate our concern and commitment to God’s city. Your presences will also be a comfort to the families present that continue to grieve the loss of a loved one. John Wesley United Methodist Church is located at 3202 West North Avenue and Hilton Street.