The biggest obstacle to team based ministry is trust. Without it, teams seldom work. While consulting with Prince of Peace, I began to realize that there are six levels to developing and encouraging trust. Each stage must be achieved with all of the staff before trust can be achieved. It is ideal if all of the staff are at each level before moving on to the next level.

Bill Easum

  1. Are we building relationships built on trust within the congregation?
  2. Are we communicating about the ministry, finances and stewardship in such a way that builds trust in our faith community?
  3. Are we having enough small group, informal, conversational and relational gatherings to understand the community context and honor the history of the ministry context?
  4. Do you have a written 60 day plan to increase the trust among your congregation with you and each other?  I suggest that you include, sermons, newsletters, the web site, blogs, email newsletters and as many one to one conversations that you can with leaders, members and potential members