Excellence in in disciple making ministry is intentional.  Having a clear big picture of the ministry expectations allows the team members to attend to the various details.  The clearer the expectations the better team members can focus on attending to mission critical tasks and execute synchronized ministry.


Evangelism ministry team needs to have assurance that the hospitality team is ready to receive visitors, the facilities team will have clear signage, that the worship team will be ready to lead people into the presence of God and that the follow up team will visit and call the visitor.   This is one example of synchronized ministry. 


Each ministry team focuses on the details of their ministry that produce a support system for the other ministries to operate with excellence.  Every congregation needs a plan in order to accomplish synchronized ministry.  This plan should include

  • A system to attract, minister to and connect visitors to the ministry
  • A system to communicate the mission, vision and bedrock values of the church
  • A system of leadership training and spiritual formation for the leadership team


 Team leaders need to communicate to their team members about the several things

  • How effective we have or have not been as a team
  • Possible pitfalls to avoid as a ministry
  • Clear articulation of what excellence looks like in our ministry
  • The value of individual ministry gifts and they function effectively to compliment the ministry gifts of other team members