Leadership Jazz

Max Dupree


Max shares five criteria as a way to start thinking about faithfulness


  1. Integrity in all things preceded all else
  2. Servanthood of leadership needs to be felt, understood, believed and practiced if we’re to be faithful
  3. Accountability for others especially those on the edges of life and not yet experienced in the ways of the world
  4. Practice equity of relationships valuing each person on the team
  5. Leaders must be vulnerable and transparent to those that they lead

I am currently at the Exponential Conference and Dave Ferguson led a session on 7 Moves to Multi-Site Church.  He emphasized that starting another site was about leadership preparedness, the DNA of multiplication and the apprentice principle.  Because everyone is focused on one vision leaders are able to be faithful, and find their voice in ministry. 

The #1 take away for today:  The Big Idea by Dave Ferguson