April 2012

I am attending an information session on the Maryland DREAM ACT. I am so privileged to be included in the conversation.

Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Work-Life Balance

This is a good article that outlines the DNA of high functioning entrepreneurs. It also outlines principles that are diametrically opposed to everything that we teach pastors.  Life balance is one of the major emphasis that we encourage pastors to develop in early interviews as potential ministry candidates are beginning their journey.

As entrepreneurs, we have zero sense of balance. We’re all in, all the time. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, weekday or weekend — each of us focuses on our vision with a single-minded passion.

JEFF STIBEL  Chairman and CEO of Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. and author ofWired for Thought.


Mainline churches are in desperate need of entrepreneurial pastors who will plant and redevelop churches.  The behavioral DNA of entrepreneurs are nurtured out of a candidate so they will be effective as a pastor in our average churches. The ordination committees really need to rethink their approach to identifying church planters and redevelopment pastors.  We see these entrepreneurial pastors being successful in non denominational settings and as they grow with the congregation most of them develop the life balance necessary to be effective pastors.

A paradigm shift is necessary to attract and support entrepreneurial pastor.  I believe that this has significant implications for all mainline churches.



Today I ran into an old friend from 30 years ago. We have not stayed in touch so when I saw her I as surprised and did not have much to say. Now a couple of hours later I wish that I had asked her about her spiritual growth and some of her experiences in discipling people. I would have asked about her journey and her new life. I would have shared how valuable she was in my growth as a young minister.
I missed an opportunity to connect my early spiritual growth and my current journey toward maturity.
Life is not lived on a script. Always be ready for a blessing from God.
I rejoice in the chance meeting and have added her and her family to my prayer list for today. Living as a grateful disciple