by Dean McIntyre

ImageCounting down the top ten myths, false beliefs, and misperceptions about church music copyright, none of which are true. For more help, see the  Copyright and Licensing sectionof the GBOD website.

10. We want only to copy or project the words.
It’s just so the kids in the youth choir will have the words.

9. We’re not going to sell the copies.

8. We don’t have the money to purchase copies.

7. It’s from our own denominational hymnal.

6. We’re a church and want to use it in our worship services.

5. It’s Fair Use.

4. It’s for educational purposes.
 We’re a Sunday School class and want to study this hymn in our class.

3. It’s a one-time use only.

2. It’s for the Lord’s work.

1. We have a CCLI (or other) license.

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