November 2013

I am thankful for

  1. My relationship with Jesus
  2. Michelle my wonderful wife
  3. Courtney my awesome daughter
  4. My mother being alive
  5. For the time I had with dad ( really miss you dad!)
  6. My sister Lois
  7. My brother Michael
  8. My brother Victor
  9. For all of my adopted brothers and sisters
  10. Nieces and Nephews
  11. For my cousins
    1. Chaney
    2. Cook
    3. Shegog
    4. Thomas
    5. Duncan
    6. Blackshear
    7. Watson
    8. Lemon
    9. Jones
    10. Montgomery
  12. Life
  13. Health
  14. Being in my right mind
  15. The West Baltimore Leadership Team
  16. The Infinite Grace Leadership Team
  17. To the wonderful people that I serve in both churches
  18. The call to reach people who are far from God with the Grace of God
  19. Shelter
  20. Transportation
  21. Snow Flake (our pet hamster)
  22. The gift of music
  23. The call to preach and teach the Gospel
  24. Ole Mill Bakery Apple Betty
  25. Busken’s Bakery Schnecken
  26. School of Creative and Performing Arts of Cincinnati
  27. Walnut Hills High School
  28. University of Cincinnati
  29. Emory University
  30. Candler School of Theology
  31. Georgia State University
  32. Union Institute
  33. Wesley Theological Seminary
  34. Stone Mountain Motivational Choir
  35. McNair Motivational Choir
  36. The Fellowship Interdenominational Choir
  37. The Hanarobi Singers
  38. Psalm 100 of Concord Baptist
  39. Concord Baptist
  40. Ray of Hope Christian Church
  41. Light of the World Christian Church
  42. First Christian Church Decatur
  43. United Christian Church
  44. Christ Emmanuel  Christian Fellowship
  45. Camp Christian
  46. Camp Manidokan
  47. West River Camp
  48. For the many mentors  and coaches who have poured into my life
    1. Teresa Fry Brown
    2. Frank Brown
    3. Luther Smith
    4. Helen Smith
    5. Cynthia Hale
    6. Tom Benjamin Jr
    7. Clifford Bailey
    8. Oscar Gamby
    9. Charles Clency
    10. Maurice Nutt
    11. Fred Smith
    12. Troy Jones
    13. Allen Seals
    14. Gary Gunderson
    15. James Brewer Calvert
    16. TR Chattin
    17. Rodney Smothers
    18. To the other un-named but truly appreciated mentors and coaches
  49. Ohio State Football
  50. To all of the men and women who have allowed me the privilege to minister to them in hospitals, jails, bedsides,  and preaching and teaching
  51. To all of the young people who allowed me to serve you  through  motivational talks, college preparation seminars, mentoring, big brothers and big sisters, training classes, on my two tours of coaching recreational league basketball


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The Face of Poverty

Picture yourself a single or divorced mother. You are more likely to be white than black. You and your children live in rural poverty, on an army base, or in what is now politely known as the “inner city”.

You work outside the home, in a full or part-time job (sometimes two). Since you have no more than a high school diploma, you are limited to minimum wage, blue and pink collar jobs. Never mind that you grew up in poverty, yourself.

Childcare is an ongoing challenge, sometimes costing you jobs. When a child is sick, you miss work. Child support is little more than a fantasy.

Poverty and all it entails is a recognized cause of chronic health problems. You may already be suffering from depression or heart disease. Your children still have their dreams. They, also, have asthma.

There are government programs…

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