May 2014

Daryl Williams

A Proverb a day gets you on your way!

Here is the Daily Dose for Thursday, April 24, 2014.

Put your outdoor work in order and get your fields ready; after that, build your house. Proverbs 24:27

First Things First

first things firstWhen you have a lot of cousins and a lot of time during the summer you learn to play different games. You need something that will be interesting to everyone, able to be played as a group, and that can be played anywhere. That takes out a lot of choices, so you begin to make things up. My favorite made up game was called “That’s My.” It was easy to play That’s My, all you had to do was see something and say That’s My before someone else claimed it. For instance, if you were sitting on the porch and saw a nice car go by the first person to…

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princeton chapel A friend of mine attended a Christian college where almost all of the students, including her, grew up in non-denominational, evangelical Protestant churches. A few years after graduation, she is the only person in her graduating class who is not Roman Catholic,  high Anglican or Lutheran. The town I live in has several “evangelical” Protestant colleges: on Ash Wednesday you can tell who studies at them by the ash crosses on their foreheads.

Young Christians are going over to Catholicism and high Anglicanism/Lutheranism in droves, despite growing up in low Protestant churches that told them about Jesus. It’s a trend that is growing, and it looks like it might go that way for a while: people who grew up in stereotypical, casual evangelicalism are running back past their parents’ church to something that looks like it was dug out of Europe a couple hundred years ago at least. It’s encouraged…

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