The Neighborhood

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“You have created an excellent meeting space, both informative and engaging.”Let’s Cut the Crap

Day 2 of 7 Support The Neighborhood Week.  Its Your Neighborhood Too

Day One – Blinded by the Peaceful Soldiers – featuring beatmaker Fiyaman, Baltimore and Photographer Brian Spence, Sacramento. 

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 Before the Neighbors Arrived: 4 Moments that Define The Neighborhood 

I remember moving from the blogger platform to WordPress and feeling really nervous, like I was moving across country in real life. An old friend, fortunately, allowed me to leave without cleaning up, for she made sure that anyone who arrived after January 1, 2013 was sent to my news digs, To my knowledge, no one from the blogger medium ran after me, begging me to wait up or stay, so I had zero followers, although I arrived with four months worth of posts in tow. By selecting an appropriate…

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