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IMG_0102After over 200 years in ministry, Rehoboth United Methodist Church near Pulaski, Tennessee will hold its final service this Sunday, June 22, 2014. During the 2014 Tennessee Annual Conference, a cabinet resolution was read and passed closing Rehoboth and reverting the property to the Pulaski District of the Tennessee Annual Conference. According to some sources, in 1810 a group of people near Crosswater Creek, south of Pulaski, joined together and formed Crosswater Methodist Church in a small log cabin, probably someone’s home at the time. One of the first pastors of Crosswater was Aaron Brown, the father of another Aaron Brown who served as Governor of Tennessee. Later, in 1830, the congregation built a new building on higher ground and called their church Rehoboth, after the name of a well dug by Isaac in Genesis 26:22. During the Civil War according to legend and some histrical sources, the church was…

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