Father forgive the Pharisees

Forgive the religious leaders who were more concerned about religious rituals, proper clerical attire and using the right liturgy rather than having their hearts in right relationship with you

Father forgive the Sadducees-

Forgive the aristocratic religious rulers who were more concerned about their positions rather than the justice

Father forgive the political leaders

Forgive the political pundits who were more concerned with their popularity and polls than representing what was best for the people that they serve

Father forgive my disciples

Forgive those who followed me when it was convenient but then couldn’t pray for an hour and even denied me in the end

Father forgive my haters

Forgive those who have been gossiping, murmuring, and making secret deals. Forgive them so that the salvation that is available to all will not pass them by.

Father – Loving Parent – All knowing Master and Creator of the Universe

Forgive them for they do not know that they are all a part of your grand plan for their redemption.

Prayer – Lord teach me to forgive like your Son as he was heading to the cross.  Help me to forgive even when I have been betrayed, lied on, disappointed, misunderstood, misrepresented, denied due process, and when those who I love leave me in the time of my greatest need.