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The Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church

Holds Conference to Teach High-Impact Worship

December 16, 2009—WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Prodigal Worship Conference will be held April 13, 2010, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Trinity United Methodist Church in Frederick, MD.  Prodigal Worship will give participants the tools to design, develop, create and deliver high-impact celebratory worship that connects God to people’s everyday lives.

The Prodigal Worship Conference will equip and empower pastors, worship leaders, worship design teams and participants in the ministry arts to increase their effectiveness as they connect people beyond their congregations to the grace of God in every worship experience and people whose everyday experience does not include fellowship in a community of faith.

Keynote speakers include: Rev. Mike Slaughter of Ginghamsburg UMC in Ohio; Len Wilson and Jason Moore of Midnight Oil Productions and Rev. Olu Brown of Impact Church Atlanta, Georgia.  For biography information on speakers and workshop leaders, visit

Workshop topics include: Powerful Transformation Worship: The Pastor’s Role; High Impact Worship in an Urban City; Integrating Multi-Media in Worship; The Art and Science of Story; Creating Sacred Spaces; Multi-Cultural Worship; Including Children in Worship; Celebrating Global Music and Arts and What’s Next Moving Forward.

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The Baltimore-Washington Conference comprises more than 180,000 members in nearly 700 United Methodist churches in Maryland, Washington, D.C., the eastern panhandle of West Virginia and Bermuda. The United Methodist church is global – comprising 68 conferences, or regions, around the world, totaling 11 million members.


As we continue our study of “Light for the Journey: Seeing our Way through Change,” Kate Thomas shares what it means to be lit with the light of God, from the inside out, transformed by “the fullness of joy.”

 By Kate Thomas

Being fully you


There is a cry within our heart of hearts to be that fearfully and wonderfully made creation that God originally intended for us. The hustle of life pulls us from task to task in a way that allows us to close our hearts to the still small voice of God. But God IS always there, tugging at us, loving us and crying out for us to grow and bloom and smile and sing at the top of our lungs.

 Life can be lived with fear, hiding in the shadows of who our true self deeply desires to be. But life can also be lived ALIVE and with intention for each step. Life can take us by surprise, lead us into the depths and swirls of unknown, breath-taking or even heart-breaking places. It is there that we realize why we have had to follow this path. It is there that we fully realize why we have lived with a tattered wing or a pain in our step. And it is there that we also can see our unique voice in the way God has so perfectly and uniquely tuned.

 When the breath of God oozes from our true selves, it is the hand of Christ touching those around us. It is the light in the darkness and the fresh breeze on a hot day. It is contagious in a giggle until your stomach hurts kind of way. This is God’s dream for us — God’s kingdom fully alive amidst us in everything we do.

 So carve out that space in your heart for God – not just the room that you think God will fit in. Carve out the room that God needs to allow and ocean of purpose to well up and overwhelm you. Carve out time and energy and deep thought in your day just to BE with God. For there you will meet a God breathes love and passion into you in a way that will make you never want to turn back.

 “You show met the path of life. In your presence there is fullness of joy.” – Psalm 16: 11


  •  What fills those places in your heart that you carve out for God?
  • What are among the first changes you might make to be “fully you,” as God intends?

 Today we pray for the Young Adult Council of the Baltimore-Washington Conference.

My first three days here in Korea was spent with the Noh family in Daejeon.  They are members of Sansung Church and Joshua is a member of the Nambu Conference of the Southern Conference of the Methodist Church in Korea young adult exchange. Yoon blessed us by taking us to Gyrongju, Jeonju, Pohang, Jinju and Gweangiu.  We visited Independence Hall , experienced fried Red Ginseng with honey, the 2009 7th Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival,

Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

traditional Korean housing and food. We met a lot of business owners and people in the community working with the health department through Yoon.  

We visited 5:00am worship service and prayer on Friday and Monday.  The ferverent effectual prayers of hundreds of believers daily are described as

Dream Worship At Sansung Methodist Church

Dream Worship At Sansung Methodist Church

the engine to do God’s work by Rev. Ji who spends at least two hours a day in prayer. I attended the Dream Worship bi-lingual worship service at Sansung was blessed by the praise and worship as well as Pastor May who preached a powerful message.