Here is the common prayer guide that everyone’s prayer partners will be using.  Also you can check out our blog each day www.

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Korea Trip Prayer Guide

 July 15-16 – Pray for safe travel and a good first impression with the Korean Methodist Church.

 July 17-18 – Pray for our first night with our 1st host family. Pray that we would handle the language barrier well and adjust to a new culture the taste of Korean food. Pray especially for Liz Baker.

 July 19 – Pray for us as we worship in our Korean host churches and for  Pastor Brian and Rev. Chaney as they preach and talk about all God is doing in their churches in the USA.

  July 20 – Pray for the team as they attend daily early morning (4am) prayer meetings and learn about Korean spirituality. Pray for Rev. Park.

  July 21 – Pray for our team as we move to our second host family and adjust to a new location. Pray especially for Franeka Kirby.

  July 22-23 – Pray for God’s Spirit to work among us as we work together with our Korean hosts. Pray for those in the VBS classes that we lead. Pray especially for Georgiana Spillman.

  July 24 – Pray for peace between North and South Korea as our team visits the DMZ. Pray especially for Mary Stortstrom.

  July 25 – Pray that God would deepen our appreciation for his world and strengthen us. Pray especially for Kevin Holmes.

  July 26 – Pray for our team as we worship together and seek God for a fresh spiritual awakening.  

 July 27 – Pray for our team as we attend a retreat with our Korean brothers and sisters. Pray that God would strengthen our friendships for His glory.

  July 28 – Pray for new ideas for ministry during our retreat.

 July 29 – Pray for a safe return trip!

Upcoming Events

Online blog radio show with Tom Bandy and Bill Tenny-Brittian

Preaching from the Center
October 24 – 27
Albuquerque, NM

This year, Preaching from the Center is held in conjunction with Blessed to be a Blessing, the 40th Anniversary Convocation of the Christian Educator’s Fellowship of the United Methodist Church.

While each of the two events is self-contained, those who register for either Preaching from the Center or the Christian Educator’s Conference may attend sessions in the other event. Parts of both events, like Bible Study, worship, fellowship, meals, and evening celebrations will take place together. This is a unique opportunity for church leaders in pastoral ministry and Christian education to come together for training, continuing education, inspiration and fellowship.

Leadership Institute 2008

Church of the Resurrection
October 2-3, 2008

Leadership—it’s vital to any church that seeks to serve faithfully in building God’s Kingdom.  Leadership in a world of constant change requires a steady flow of new ideas built on solid principles. In today’s world, leadership is defined by the imperative to innovate, improve, change–or die!

Now in its 10th year, the Leadership Institute is a powerful source of creative ideas, hope, and renewal for mainline church leaders from around the country.  In just 18 years, The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection has grown to serve more than 15,000 members and continues to be one of the fastest-growing churches in the United States.  Every fall, the Leadership Institute defines leadership by sharing new ministry concepts that are practical, proven and applicable to ministry settings of all sizes—based on Resurrection’s own ministry work and innovations during the previous year.  Resurrection’s innovative staff members share what’s working, pitfalls to avoid, and specific, practical ideas for how you can apply these ideas in your own ministry.