October 2005

Empowered leaders communicate their vision throughout the organization. The board room conversations must be repeated to the service providers of the company. Clear consistant communication channels can be formal or informal but they must constantly be monitored and adjusted.

During times of significant change or crisis the communication must increase. The message needs to be planned and then reinterated through several channels with practicle applications on how to use the information in various jobs through out the company or congregation.

True and authentic leadership must begin with your faith. Your personal effectiveness is tied directly to the spiritual disciplines that you embrace and claim as your foundation for life. Out of our faith flows our purpose and from our purpose we can discern our mission. Vision is imagining from God’s perspective the ultimate scenario of our gifts being used to their max to achive our mission.

Without a solid faith foundation our leadership can appear flaky, and off center.

Corporate, coongregational, community or personal leadership demands that our faith take the lead in establishing the unity of thoughts and behaviors. Weak faith = weak leadership.

This was an extremely random today. More to come later